Chelation Partners has developed a chemical “magnet” which denies iron access needed by all pathogenic microbes for their growth during infection

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Chelation Partners has developed a chemical “magnet” which denies iron access needed by all pathogenic microbes for their growth during infection.

All infectious microbes have a common, essential and irreplaceable need for iron. This is their Achilles’ heel. Pathogenic microbes need additional iron to grow rapidly, reproduce and cause infection. Our lead compound DIBI sequesters only the body’s iron that is being accessed by microbes during infection. Inadequate supply of iron to these infecting microbes cripples their growth, allows the body’s own
natural innate iron withdrawal defences to clear the infection and greatly enhances the susceptibility of these microbes to traditional antibiotics.

As antibiotic resistant microbes are rendering traditional classes of antibiotics obsolete, Chelation Partners' technology holds promise to attack pathogens through a novel alternative mechanism—iron deprivation.

Very importantly, antibiotic resistant microbes are sensitive to DIBI. Without its needed iron, the pathogen cannot grow, cannot cause infection and cannot become resistant to antibiotics. We can now tackle the growing global problem of antibiotic resistance with a game changing alternative, using DIBI. It has been predicted that there will be more deaths from antibiotic resistant infections than from cancer by 2050. Novel alternatives like DIBI need to be developed and implemented, NOW!