The Chelation Partners Story

Company Overview

Chelation Partners is developing patented iron-binding molecules that remove biologically available iron, making pathogens thousands of times more susceptible to existing antibiotics. Life-threatening bacterial and fungal pathogens are developing resistance much faster than new antibiotic treatments are being discovered and approved. Chelation Partners is targeting the more than $50B anti-infectives market by starving pathogens of essential and irreplaceable iron to enhance and restore the efficacy of existing anti-infectives.


Microbes Have an Achilles‘ Heel

Founder Dr. Bruce Holbein is a pioneer in the role of iron in pathogenesis of bacterial infection, having worked more than 25 years in the public and private sectors and with more than 100 papers and 15 patents. While working for the defense department, Dr. Holbein discovered that very small amounts of key types of body iron stores were crucial for microbial infection while their removal protected mice from infection. Revealing iron’s role in pathogenesis provided the basis for designing a new class of iron sequestering molecules (chelating agents) that both enhance the body’s natural iron defenses and decimate the ability of an array of bacterial and fungal pathogens to replicate.


As resistant microbes are rendering traditional classes of antibiotics obsolete, Chelation Partners' technology holds promise to attack pathogens through a novel mechanism—iron deprivation. All infectious microbes have a common, essential and irreplaceable need for iron. They need iron to grow, reproduce and subsequently cause infection. Inadequate supply of iron to infectious microbes cripples their growth and enhances their susceptibility to existing anti-infectives.


Disruptive Technology

Co-administering Chelation Partner’s chelating agent(s) with an antibiotic significantly reduces the amount of antibiotic required to achieve the same or better level of control. Improved elimination of microbes means reducing antibiotic dosage for some antibiotics that are toxic to patients, in turn, reducing side effects. More effective elimination of microbes also reduces the rate that pathogens develop resistance. Chelation Partners will change the world of antibiotics by improving efficacy of existing drugs and reviving efficacy of drugs no longer able to treat resistant bacterial strains.



In the US alone, over 2 million people per year develop hospital acquired infections resulting in over 23,000 deaths – The vast majority of which are increasingly the result of anti-infective resistant pathogens. Resistant pathogens cost the US up to $34B per year.  Strategic interest is increasing as big Pharma has re-entered the market. Roche and Cubist are actively licensing and acquiring products targeting hospital acquired infection.  Chelation Partners is initially targeting the $2B over the counter topical anti-infectives market.


Capital Efficiency

Chelation Partners has developed its lead agents (DIBI) by leveraging over $1.5M non-dilutive funding in addition to $750,000 in private investment.  An total of $3M in non-dilutive funding will be released upon closing an additional $1.5M in financing, bringing the total invested capital to advance to the completion of Phase I studies to just over $2M. 


Intellectual Property

Chelation Partners has composition-of-matter and methods-for-use patents pending in a number of countries including the USA, Canada, EU, Australia and Japan.



Product Focus

- Chelating agents enhance and restore the efficacy of antibiotics


Market Size

- $50B / yr anti-infectives market today

- $2B / yr addressable with first product


Market Opportunity

- Hospital and community acquired drug resistant infections skyrocketing

- Anti-infective resistance costs the US Healthcare System $21B each year

- Can’t solve problem of broad resistance only with new antibiotics



- Significant proof of concept in animal studies

- Extensive in vitro POC for efficacy enhancement against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and fungi.

- Efficacy enhancement with all classes of antibiotics  


The Offering

- $15M series A preferred

- 2 milestone driven tranches