The Chelation Partners Story

Company Overview

Chelation Partners is developing a patented family of iron-binding molecules that selectively sequesters and shields only that iron in our body that is being accessed by microbial, pathogens during infection. Our current lead DIBI has shown excellent results in many preclinical studies including with antibiotic resistant infections. We are targeting the more than $50B anti-infectives market using DIBI either as a novel
alternative to antibiotics or as an adjunct in conjunction with existing antibiotics to enhance and restore their efficacy. Independent collaborating scientists studying DIBI have also identified a high potential for a platform technology and have published promising results for other indications including sepsis, inflammatory diseases and breast cancer.

Intellectual Property

Chelation Partners has a family of composition-of-matter and methods-for-use patents issued, allowed and pending in the USA, Canada, EU, Australia and Japan.