Scientific Advisors and Collaborators 

The extensive and positive preclinical results that have been obtained to date, many of which are now published in premier per-reviewed scientific journals,  have been the products of several years of effort by the Company’s researchers as well as by a number of collaborating research teams at Dalhousie University, McMaster University, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) labs, teaching hospitals in Halifax, Nova Scotia and CROs -- Jubilant Life Sciences, Syngene/Biocon, Biovectra and Foresight Regulatory Strategies.
Principal Advisors and Collaborators involved with core development of anti-infective DIBI:
Craig Woods


Midwest U USA

(CPI board of directors)


Veterinary infection expert

Paul Fidel


Louisiana State U USA

Antibiotic resistant fungal vaginal infection expert

Ross Davidson


Director bacteriology QEII Hospital Halifax

Clinical microbiology expert 

Howard Xu


Cal State U

Bacterial pneumonia expert

Matthias Bierenstiel


Chair organic chemistry Cape Breton U Canada

Metal chemistry expert

Wangxue Chen


HHTP National. Res. Council Canada

Bacterial pathogenesis expert

Lori Burrows


DeGroote Infectious Dis. Res Inst Canada

Bacterial antibiotic resistance expert

Kendra Rumbaugh


Texas Tech U USA

Pseudomonas burn/wound infection expert

Trialstat/ Jubilant Life Sciences Canada

CRO for DIBI toxicity studies

Other collaborator-led complementary platform aspects:
Christian Lehmann


Dalhousie U

Inflammatory disease and bacterial sepsis expert

David Hoskin


Dalhousie U

Breast cancer research chair, chemo resistant cancer expert