Technical Innovation

Microbes have an Achilles’ Heel        

As resistant microbes are rendering traditional classes of antibiotics obsolete, Chelation Partners' technology holds promise to attack pathogens through a novel mechanism—iron deprivation. All infectious microbes have a common, essential and irreplaceable need for iron. They need this to grow, to reproduce and to subsequently cause infection. Inadequate supply of iron to an infectious microbe cripples its growth and makes it significantly more susceptible to antibiotics. Chelation Partners has developed an elegant solution that takes advantage of  this Achilles’ heel: highly effective chelators that deny microbes their needed iron.


Chelation Partners Approach        

Chelation Partners withholds iron through proprietary chelators, which specifically bind excess microbial-accessible iron at the site of infection and hold onto it tightly, rendering it inaccessible to pathogenic microbes. Deprived of iron, microbes cannot grow, reproduce or cause an infection. In addition, these microbes become more susceptible to antibiotics. The technology presents a platform opportunity with medical applications in the areas of enhancement of antibiotics, veterinary medicine, anti-inflammation, iron overload diseases and possibly cancer therapy.

Methacillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus

Preclinical data have demonstrated the ability of Chelation Partner's chelators to inhibit microbial growth, restore the efficacy of commonly used antibiotics against resistant bacteria, and enhance the efficacy of standard antifungal therapy.

Why is this important?          

Chelation Partners’ technology is revolutionary in the field of antibiotics. Co-administering the Chelation Partner’s chelating agent(s) with an antibiotic allows us to significantly enhance the efficacy of the antibiotic. This means better efficacy at eliminating a microbial infection with a single treatment course. In fact, this approach can restore the efficacy of antibiotics against superbugs. For antibiotics that have toxic side effects or require extended treatment times, it may be possible to significantly improve their side effect profile. More effective elimination also reduces the rate of spread of resistant pathogens. Chelation Partners approach has the potential to significantly enhance current therapeutic options for treating infectious diseases by improving efficacy of existing drugs and reviving efficacy of drugs no longer able to treat resistant bacterial strains.


Chelation Partners Unique Chelators         

  • A  new family chelators specifically designed to effectively deplete the iron (Fe) that microbial pathogens need to grow
  • Canadian, USA, European and other international patents pending
  • Unique proprietary chemical structure that enables very high iron binding potency and effective iron sequestration